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February 2013
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Tips on Hiring Wedding Transporation

wedding car suburbanYour wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. Everything needs to be perfect. From the decorations, the honeymoon, the ceremony and reception there is so much to plan that sometimes the hiring of your wedding car is done hastily. Careful consideration of these tips will help make sure your wedding transportation goes smoothly.

Deciding on the type of vehicle can be challenging with so many types of wedding cars out there. Many Baltimore couples are choosing a less traditional wedding car with an SUV or sedan. Couples can enjoy a more intimate experience with a quiet ride in a luxury sedan to the reception.

Select the number of cars needed: The selection of your wedding transportation will be determined by the size of your wedding party. For transportation to the wedding it is customary for the bride and her parents to ride together. Another car for the groom and his parents and grandparents may be booked as well. The SUV is particularly useful when the group is up to seven persons.

Consult with others: Get advice from friends that have used wedding cars for their weddings and ask them for tips on selecting a car. Ask the operator of the wedding car company for references. Take a look at their website and find reviews. For weddings in the Washington DC metro area it will be important to find a company with experienced drivers that can avoid traffic snarls.

Get a written agreement: Communicate your needs clearly and get a contract in writing that spells out the obligations of the wedding car company and your responsibilities as well. Take the contract with you on the wedding day so that everything is clear.


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